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Hello and welcome to Myqigong.com!

This site is dedicated to the healing art and practice of Qi Gong. What is Qi Gong you may ask? It’s an ancient Chinese form of medicine that is practiced using the human body, breath, inner self (spirit), and mind to promote healing and wellness throughout. I hope you find the information presented on this website to your liking. 

 My Story

As a young child, I was raised by parents who were quite religious. We attended church services almost three times a week, and most of what I was taught at home was referenced from scripts from the Bible. Even though this was the environment that surronded me as a child, it was of no relevance to me and I felt very bored.  I intuitively knew, as children often times do, that I had chosen and would find a more complimentary expression of who I was. 

Fast forward several years later and I am walking around the neighborhood where my parents’ previous church was located. It had been replaced with another center. Within the same strip mall however, was a Qi Gong healing center. I was very curious about that center and immediately went inside to ask for information on the practice. It was there that I was introduced to the wonderful practice of Qi Gong and decided to take a few classes just to try it out. 

The classes were refreshing and in-depth. They focued on the breathing, various energy centers of the body, as well as the mind. The experience was, at the time, suprisingly self-revealing-many emotions and conditioned experiences that I had suppressed bubbled to the surface of my conscious. By addressing those issues and continuing with the exercises, I experienced an abundance of healing and restoration that I had never experienced before. I was able to let go of the past more easily and focus instead on my present moment. 

It is through this site that I have decided to share my passion and appreciation for Qi Gong and the myriad of benefits that it has bestowed to my life. I hope to inspire you to also give Qi Gong a try so that you would also gain that life-changing and healing experience.

In love and light,

Camille Garcia


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