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Female urinary incontinence? These Qigong exercises can help!

Urgent need to use the toilet without control
Incontinence-the lack of control of urinary and/or defecation function

You feel it. That sudden anxiety to relieve yourself. Panicking, you realize that you don’t have much time before the inevitable happens. And it does. Right there and then. This is the all-too-common experience of those females who suffer from urinary incontinence, which is the inability to control the urinary (pee) function of the body. With over 200 million people affected by incontinence the world over, the vast majority of those who deal with it are women. Women are especially vulnerable to urinary incontinence due to:

  • childbirth

    pregnancy and urinary incontinence
    Pregnancy and childbirth may sometimes contribute to urinary incontinence in women

  • pregnancy
  • excess weight gain around their midsections
  • menopause

I have an aunt who just celebrated her 61st birthday. Despite being in fairly good health, she too deals with incontinence. She has had a brain aneurism in the past and struggles to loose excess weight.  She now has to wear padded undergarments to protect her from a sudden accident. Having incontinence can feel embarrassing, making you withdraw from spending time with coworkers, family, and friends. What happens to our bodies that leads to incontinence? And how can specific Qigong exercises provide relief and help to our bodies?

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What is the best beginner Qigong for Seniors? Don’t hold your breath.

Don't hold your breath. Qigong for Seniors is all about the vital force of deep breathing.
Beginning Qigong is all about the opposite of this picture-breathing is essential!

Seriously. Don’t hold your breath. Look down at your stomach after you read this sentence. You should see a gentle expansion of your stomach and upper chest as you inhale, and as you exhale you should see your stomach withdraw inward, away from its previous extended position. As infants, we naturally breathe this way. As we become older, we not only reverse this process of breathing, but we also breathe less from our lower stomach area, and more from our upper chest, also known as shallow breathing. For seniors who are less active, the focus on proper breathing is important as the inner conditioning of the body plays a great role in longevity, healing, and wellness in their lives. Qigong begins with proper deep breathing and is a great way to put the vital force of the breath into useful practice, as was mentioned in this previous post for beginners. With gentle movements to tone and revitalize the inner organs, ever inch of the body is positively affected by Qigong practice. The best beginner qigong for seniors is to start with learning proper deep breathing which will facilitate the circulation and energizing of your inner qi, or life force energy. Read More

Incorporating Qigong for weight loss-Prevention and lifestyle changes

Weight loss = goals


Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Now, step onto the scale to see how many pounds you have lost from the week before. What?! That can’t be right. The number you see staring back at you cannot be right. But… it is. Alas, that number is an indicator of just how many more sit-ups, push-ups, miles of running, and leg lifts you have to do before you see any changes in that number, or any decrease in the width of your thighs, that is. Looking at a transparent scale and extensive measuring tape may seem daunting, and it is. Why is weight loss so difficult? Read More

Qigong Flow for Beginners

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Finding the inner flow

Flow of water in nature

Qigong is the ancient Chinese practice of coordinating breathing and gentle movements while conditioning the body to create healing, balance, and energy within. What is the “flow” in Qigong? One can understand this as the “flow” or circulation of blood throughout the body. As a practitioner and student of Qigong, I would like to share ways to create your own step-by-step flow to experience the powerful effects of Qigong right away.

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Hello and welcome to!

This site is dedicated to the healing art and practice of Qi Gong. What is Qi Gong you may ask? It’s an ancient Chinese form of medicine that is practiced using the human body, breath, inner self (spirit), and mind to promote healing and wellness throughout. I hope you find the information presented on this website to your liking. 

 My Story

As a young child, I was raised by parents who were quite religious. We attended church services almost three times a week, and most of what I was taught at home was referenced from scripts from the Bible. Even though this was the environment that surronded me as a child, it was of no relevance to me and I felt very bored.  I intuitively knew, as children often times do, that I had chosen and would find a more complimentary expression of who I was. 

Fast forward several years later and I am walking around the neighborhood where my parents’ previous church was located. It had been replaced with another center. Within the same strip mall however, was a Qi Gong healing center. I was very curious about that center and immediately went inside to ask for information on the practice. It was there that I was introduced to the wonderful practice of Qi Gong and decided to take a few classes just to try it out. 

The classes were refreshing and in-depth. They focued on the breathing, various energy centers of the body, as well as the mind. The experience was, at the time, suprisingly self-revealing-many emotions and conditioned experiences that I had suppressed bubbled to the surface of my conscious. By addressing those issues and continuing with the exercises, I experienced an abundance of healing and restoration that I had never experienced before. I was able to let go of the past more easily and focus instead on my present moment. 

It is through this site that I have decided to share my passion and appreciation for Qi Gong and the myriad of benefits that it has bestowed to my life. I hope to inspire you to also give Qi Gong a try so that you would also gain that life-changing and healing experience.

In love and light,

Camille Garcia

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