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What is the best beginner Qigong for Seniors? Don’t hold your breath.

Don't hold your breath. Qigong for Seniors is all about the vital force of deep breathing.
Beginning Qigong is all about the opposite of this picture-breathing is essential!

Seriously. Don’t hold your breath. Look down at your stomach after you read this sentence. You should see a gentle expansion of your stomach and upper chest as you inhale, and as you exhale you should see your stomach withdraw inward, away from its previous extended position. As infants, we naturally breathe this way. As we become older, we not only reverse this process of breathing, but we also breathe less from our lower stomach area, and more from our upper chest, also known as shallow breathing. For seniors who are less active, the focus on proper breathing is important as the inner conditioning of the body plays a great role in longevity, healing, and wellness in their lives. Qigong begins with proper deep breathing and is a great way to put the vital force of the breath into useful practice, as was mentioned in this previous post for beginners. With gentle movements to tone and revitalize the inner organs, ever inch of the body is positively affected by Qigong practice. The best beginner qigong for seniors is to start with learning proper deep breathing which will facilitate the circulation and energizing of your inner qi, or life force energy. Read More