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Female urinary incontinence? These Qigong exercises can help!

Urgent need to use the toilet without control
Incontinence-the lack of control of urinary and/or defecation function

You feel it. That sudden anxiety to relieve yourself. Panicking, you realize that you don’t have much time before the inevitable happens. And it does. Right there and then. This is the all-too-common experience of those females who suffer from urinary incontinence, which is the inability to control the urinary (pee) function of the body. With over 200 million people affected by incontinence the world over, the vast majority of those who deal with it are women. Women are especially vulnerable to urinary incontinence due to:

  • childbirth

    pregnancy and urinary incontinence
    Pregnancy and childbirth may sometimes contribute to urinary incontinence in women

  • pregnancy
  • excess weight gain around their midsections
  • menopause

I have an aunt who just celebrated her 61st birthday. Despite being in fairly good health, she too deals with incontinence. She has had a brain aneurism in the past and struggles to loose excess weight.  She now has to wear padded undergarments to protect her from a sudden accident. Having incontinence can feel embarrassing, making you withdraw from spending time with coworkers, family, and friends. What happens to our bodies that leads to incontinence? And how can specific Qigong exercises provide relief and help to our bodies?

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